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Building Integrity

"The Church is not a buliding.

It's the body of believers inside, 

who can share the cross with 

form and function"

Joe Simons Jr.

Architect, President


Charles Lord

Vista Grande Church

"In additon to his excellent skills and communication 
in working for our church in our remodel and lot plans, 
Joe Simons of Simons Architecture is an excellent 
Christian example. He is careful and helpful to help 
us along the process. I recommend him to you for 
his expertise and character."


Simons Architecture is a Christ-Centered firm with a Heart for Churches.

We specialize in church master planning. Our fund-raising tools, building design, project management 

and design-builds services help churches match growth with space. By creating a specialty team of design 

and construction professionals to complete each project, we make a church vision become a sanctuary view. 

The experience of completing 120+ New Mexico & Kansas church projects allows our firm to share proven 

results that serve churches best. Simons Architecture walks with the church to plan, break ground and grow

on opening day.  We ALWAYS offer churches complimentary consultations and research for any new building 

or remodeling issue to serve the good of the church body first. Our firm has often been called in to help 

churches correct costly challenges that could have been prevented with a few quick questions 

and answers, which led us to create 5 Things Every Church Should Know.

Ask your Architect and learn the
5 Things Every Church Should Know 
We share our experience with 5 key items that save 
churches time and money when considering a remodel, addition or new building. Learn more by requesting printed answers, reading our posts on 
social media or meet directly with Joe Simons by phone, zoom or in person 505-480-4796.