Albuquerque, New Mexico

Building Integrity
"We serve our community 
with effective design 
to provide a roof 
for those who need
it the most."
Joe Simons 

Simons Architecture offers community architectural services with a heart to truly serve our community.
  Customized rates, unique designs and thoughtful construction options are offered as solutions to the unique challenges many community projects may face to stay in a conservative budget. 


The Rock at Noon Day is a great example of a community project completed with many hearts, who served willingly, while keeping the project on schedule and on budget.  The Rock at Noon Day offers the homeless and others in need in Albuquerque a place to receive meals, social and legal services, laundry facilities, Worship, Bible study and more.  Since Joe Simons already served meals, led worship and Bible messages at Noon Day, Simons Architecture was a great fit to help this Community Organization design and build a new building in budget. To learn more about Noon Day, ways to contribute and serve, please visit 
our news and events page.